Let’s laugh #Peopleofthe7107islands: A Response to “I would rather Go Hungry” Girl

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Let’s laugh #Peopleofthe7107islands Hahhaha!

I like the honesty! I read their blog site and its amazing how they travel the world in a light expense were they can ONLY and definitely experience in a developing or southern countries like the Philippines 

When I visited Thailand/Malaysia/Indonesia there are vast of street foods. All I can say is, it’s a choice, it’s your choice to eat them or not, if it’s being served then refuse it, let them know, its okay. if you are expecting more on a budget less than a dollar PAGHIKOG oi! (kill yourself) At those places I have visited there are scorpions, frogs, grasshopper, snakes served deep fried. I didn’t care because it was part of their culture or shall I say cultural taste buds. what’s palatable to me, may not be to you. right?

The Best Street Food in Thailand

Being Pikon is normal because we are sensitive to critics, it can hurt our feelings especially if your getting quote like this “I would rather Go Hungry than eat Filipino Food” BUT if you are a visiting alien to a country like ours you don’t make us bend to adjust to your needs!

The Quote:

“I would rather Go Hungry than eat Filipino Food” by Polish traveller Agness Walewinder is simply transcribing that they rather die than eat Filipino Food. Good thing they change it to “Street Foods” hahahha they changed it after receiving an uproar from the People of the 7,107 islands.
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While browsing i also came across a very nice response from A foreigner Nathan Allen owner of  I Dreamed of This and his “letter to the Philippinesreceived all positive feedback not only it wasa  constructive criticism he also show concern to Filipino on what should we be proud of.

Check his full essay on Rappler http://www.rappler.com/life-and-style/travel/ph-travel/53596-nathan-allen-foreigner-response-rather-go-hungry-filipino-street-food

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